About Gin & Tonic

Cocktail Catering, Bar Designing and Canapés

Gin & Tonic is all about the sensory experience of that first sip; the aromas, the texture on your lips, the fresh hit of herbs infusing with the sweet bitterness of the liquor. Each designer drink is married with an array of enticing canapés to please all varieties of palates. Enjoy the visual feast offered by our botanical bar. Behind all the fare and fancy is a team that you can trust to treat your event and guests as dearly as you do. Our team is always professionally dressed, respectable and ready to offer the best of BC with our locally sourced ingredients for the finest quality of cocktails and canapés.

Let Gin & Tonic design a cocktail menu around your theme or drink preference. We design each of our cocktails with organic botanicals, fruit and herbs from our own British Columbia farmers and producers. Working with seasonal ingredients means never compromising on quality and taste. All of our decadent drinks are showcased in your custom designed bar area, where the elegance and sophistication of your event will be well matched.

Our Garden Room Bar designs are inspired by you, your business, your style. Tell us what moves and motivates you, then stand back and watch us bring your muse to life. Accented with stunning decor, matching barware, and elegant cocktail menus, your Garden Bar will be a place to gather and celebrate.

Our professional Chef and his team will entice your guests with sophisticated canapés and a perfect assortment of petit fours. Guests are encouraged to come hungry, as we mean business! Everyone will leave well fed and rosy-cheeked!